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sensual, deep and confidently...

The Karma Massage in Hanover offers you tantra massage

Tantra has developed in India in the Year 5000 before Christ. The Hindugod of Shiva was honored as a symbol for awareness and his mate Shakti as a symbol for energy and the source of life, the embodiment of expansion of consciousness and release of pure energy.

During a tantra massage you will encounter a world of harmony, understanding and sensual touch. Spirit and the soul are harmonized. This massage perceives you in an integrated way and in all your naturalness.

An individual tantra experience for your satisfaction

We undergo fixed rituals, match the massage in a preliminary briefing and  tailor the massage entirely to your wishes and requirements. Stress, disturbance and inner restlessness are deleted from the body, using a tantra massage that relates to the whole body.

Lingam is the ancient Indian word for the male genitalia and Yoni refers to the female genitalia.

Our basic principle is: Nothing is specified. Is is all about you. There is no need to prove anything to anyone, there is no need to be liked by anyone, it just has to feel good, nothing more.

Every erotic massage has its own specific characteristics. During a tantra massage the masseuse uses special handles and erotic rituals to send your awareness on a sensual journey.

Tantra massages are one of the oldest erotic massage techniques, whose origins are predominantly associated with fertility rites from Far Eastern.

As a part of the tantra massage we also offer a massage given to the prostate. The prostate is located in the male anal area. The first impression of this technique often is another one: If it is necessary the prostate will be touched during a  medical examination, otherwise rather not! But the prostate is an interesting point, comparable to the female G-spot. Most men who had a prostate massage want to repeat it.

Further, this kind of massage can be expanded with the ritual of a shower taken together.

The feelings occuring after this special massage are described as vibrant, glowing, intense beaming with inner essence and joy as well as regulating and balancing.

We pave the way to come to know and to accept the own body more and more.

When the soul wants to live in the own body you may reach a point of inner happyness, bliss and easiness…