A massage for women helps to experience sexuality more intensively

One’s own well-being and the desire for something special are becoming more and more important. Of course this also includes erotic adventures, which can become an absolute experience through special massages.

Erotic massage for you

In Tantra, a woman’s genital area is called yoni. Through individual massages with us in Hanover, not only single women, but also widows or couples who want to experience their sexuality anew get their money’s worth. Whether you are here for an orgasm training to be able to enjoy your sex life to the fullest, or whether you are looking for a spiritual experience of a special kind. Our ladies welcome you with open arms and offer you discreet, clean and sensitive erotic massage for the woman in a very special way.

Massages for women at Karma massage

Erotic massages for women

The massage for women – highlights for body and mind
Relax with a Tantra massage, which you can also combine with other massage techniques. Individually, sensitively and especially sensually you will be received by our experienced staff and introduced to the erotic techniques of this type of massage. Whether adventure or the desire for something new, in the Karma Massage Studio you can let yourself fall and be pampered in an intimate and sensual way.
Please note that our massage techniques do not include sex but spoil the outer clitoris in a stylish way. Our ladies will of course explain everything about this massage technique in advance and take away any feelings of fear or shame. Free your body and mind and live extraordinary sexuality in fusion with spiritual energy.

Enjoy and relax

The massage for the woman will surely convince you, let yourself be advised discreetly and in detail by our ladies. Of course we will respond to your personal wishes extensively. Let yourself go, enjoy really extraordinary moments in our studio and discover with the Tantra Massage for the woman a new, lustful spirituality, which you will definitely love. Our Yoni Massage will pamper you and enrich body and mind. We look forward to seeing you and to your visit.

Intim-Massage: Sensual relaxation for women

The so-called Yoni Massage offers women an opportunity to perceive their own pleasure through very sensual applications. The full-body massage is tailored to the needs of the woman. Naked skin and an intimate sensuality, completely without shame and full relaxation: that is the Yoni Massage. Natural lust is the focus of this tantric treatment. Tantra massage also involves the woman’s sexual organs.

Yoni massage involves the vagina

Yoni massage involves the whole body and, as a highlight, the so-called yoni, i.e. the woman’s vagina. You can explore and enjoy your own pleasure zones without referring to a partner. We celebrate, so to speak, a well-composed ritual of contact with women. The first step is to tune the whole body and give a wonderful full-body massage so that the yoni is also ready to give in to the touches.
At the beginning of the Karma Massage, the woman’s body is relaxed and stimulated with a gentle massage according to tantric guidelines. Feathers, skins and oils create a sensual skin sensation beyond the masseuse’s touches.

Rediscover sensuality with the Tantra massage

The Karma Massage is above all something for the more mature woman who wants to rediscover her sensuality and feel pleasure completely independent of a partner. Women are often positively surprised at the sensations and experiences their bodies still offer. Emotions are also stored in the yoni, memories that we consciously no longer have, but which are there. If you touch and stay there, something can actually come loose.
Around 8000 nerve paths end in the clitoris and create the basis for pure pleasure. The sensuality can radiate throughout the entire pelvic space. Thus the female body is created to feel an intense pleasure. It can be perceived as a feeling of happiness. Without taboos, the yoni massage concentrates on this holistic and profound well-being.