Pleasure doubles when it divides – for man and woman.

Go together on a journey of sparkling eroticism and relaxation. One or two masseuses will take you into a new world of touch and sensation of your own body. Experience what a wonderful feeling you can bring into your relationship with the various elements of karma massage.

The couple massage – special empathy for both sides

In the pleasant feel-good atmosphere of our studio you can completely let yourself fall during the couple massage. In a preliminary talk with the masseuse you will clarify the course of the massage. The masseuses will respond to your wishes and make the couple massage an unforgettable experience. Of course you can also enjoy the wellness shower together before and after the massage. Furthermore, it is possible to enjoy up to 30 minutes after the massage together to let the experience end in peace.

Couples massage at Karma Massage in Hanover

Valuable time for two

Enjoying together, having a good time, relaxing together without any effort and without having to be responsible for the well-being of your partner: A couple massage takes exactly this wish into account. If there was just a hint of tension, then calmness, a deep sense of well-being and the joy of sharing this experience with a special person is slowly emerging. Let go, relax, feel completely at ease and yet be sure that both are doing well – how often do couples miss this opportunity in their everyday life. How often is a separation into giver(s) and receiver(s) made. During the couple’s massage, both parties involved are beneficiaries, both are doing well without one having to take the initiative to take the leading role. In this way, the possibility of experiencing things together only arises through separation.

The special gift idea

It is the small time-outs from everyday life that advance a relationship, help it to become more intimate and “we-feeling”. Even a joint visit to a restaurant can sometimes work wonders. But especially in stressful life situations it is difficult for many couples to break free from their daily routine. Dancing, bowling, going out for dinner or visiting friends – all well and good, but actually you just want to relax, not fulfil any conventions and not have to maintain an external facade.

Erotic dreams in harmonious connection

All other massages can be combined with the couple massage. Sweeten your experience with a Hot Chocolate Massge. The sweet scent releases happiness hormones all by itself. Fantasies from the bizarre area can also be integrated and lived out. A couple massage with elements of Tantra massage becomes a spiritual experience. We will individually respond to your fantasies and ideas and combine everything harmoniously.

What you can expect with our couple massages

Couple massages are massages for two, just as suitable for lovers and married couples as for friends. The couple massages can be individually adjusted. If you want to place a centre of gravity on your back or legs, for example, tell us before the massage. Express your wishes if body areas such as head or feet are not to be massaged.

The couple massage promotes the vitality

Sexuality is considered a life force in Tantra. However, the focus here is less on orgasm than on the path to sexual climax and its long-lasting enjoyment. This goal is achieved primarily through karma massages. Karma is a Sanskrit term, which is translated as “context” or “structure” and has its origin in India. It is a teaching or philosophy that deals, among other things, with getting into ecstasy through a spiritual path and the confrontation with the body and the soul.

Massages for couples at Karma Massage Hanover

Tantra massages as a sexual experience

Tantra massages are an important tool of sexual tantra. They are composed of different massage methods and techniques. The aim of karma massage for couples is to regain and feel their sexual experience or their own sensitivity and personal well-being in the body. With certain elements a deep relaxation is created, which turns out to be a completely new body feeling. Yoni and Lingam massage are also practiced: This is about activating the stimulating parts of the body and a new life energy to achieve a moment of happiness that equals ecstasy.