Hot Chocolate Massage – the sweet full-body seduction

A Hot Chocolate Massage in our Karma Massage Studio in Hanover is an extraordinary sensual experience. What this kind of massage has to offer and if you can treat yourself during the massage- we will inform here.

For some people is a chocolate treat their personal daily top of the day. No other treat unleashes endorphins so fastly only throughout its smell. The ingredient cocoa is responsible for this body reaction. The cocoa bean contains caffeine and amino acids which are being converted to serotonin. Serotonin is a material which promotes long term happiness, not only on the inside but also on the outside – as a sensual massage.

The Hot Chocolate Massage has been around in upper class wellness hotels a long time we have known about the positive effects of this sweet and tasty treat for a long time but are still fascinated every time when we see how happy and satisfied our guests leave our studio after having an sexy hot chocolate massage.

In our Karma Massage Studio in Hanover we can offer you this intense pleasure of a hot chocolate massage especially low priced.

hot chocolate massage for him in Hanover

This is how the hot chocolate massage is being applied

A hot chocolate massage is purely sweet seduction. Your back, shoulders and if you wish even your front side including breast and stomach will be massaged with an eatable chocolate oil mixture and softly rubbed onto your body.

The hot chocolate massage itself is not an erotic massage but since all senses are being aroused during this pleasurable massage the term erotic massage is very fitting for this kind of massage.

Our hot chocolate massage in our Karma Massage studio Hanover is primarily used to relax and loosen up the daily stress.

A great side effect for your skin: The ingredients contained in the mixture like shea butter, almond oil and polyphenols in the cocoa butter stimulate the skin and nurse your skin long term. The ingredients give a freshly cleansed and soft skin appearance – men as women- sensual scent included.

Our hot chocolate massage is also adequate for couples. The liquid chocolate mixture is eatable and can eventually eat off mutually.

We will fulfill your appetite

Is your inner mind already aroused? Tell us at your booking which kind of chocolate you prefer, dark or bitter. The exclusive chocolate made out of a certain kind of cocoa will be melted and heated up to a pleasant temperature. The massage room will be lighted in pleasant and relaxing lightning.

Our ladies will abstain from scented candles completely during this massage since the chocolate scent for itself will be a pure pleasure for all senses.

We recommend having a shower previous the massage to make sure that your skin is clean and all healing ingredients and touches can be experienced intensively. On your wish you can have a shower in pairs.

Hot chocolate massage in our Karma massage studio in Hanover

You decide how long you want to enjoy our sensual and intense massage experience in our studio in Hanover.
The starting time is set for 30 minutes but can also be extended to up to two hours. By booking additional benefits you can turn this hot chocolate massage into an unforgettable erotic and sensual massage.

There is nothing comparable all over Hanover. The treatment made out of warm, high class cocoa ingredients is turning to one of the most popular massage forms all over the world.

We in our Karma studio are looking forward to pleasure your demand for something sweet and sensual in a most erotic way.

Our ladies love chocolate and can’t wait to spoil their bodies and yourself all the way. Book your appointment for a sensual massage right now!