Our ladies for your indulgence program

Our massage studio  places enormous emphasis on the quality and art of sensual touch. The ladies that offer karma massage in Hanover are engaged masseuses with  apprenticeships in wellness, cosmetics or lifestyle. They combine her love for the profession with the love for clients that they like to spend pleasant moments.

Lena, Sophia, Sara, Lisa, Nicki, Jil and Leonie will pamper you by all possible means and with whole bodymovings. The offer sex for your senses. Enjoying the ladies with your eyes is allowed, but not touching. Your are the client and have the passive part. The active part is reserved to our massage artists. Every single attractive masseuse knows different kinds of massage and knows what is important. As our guest you will enjoy moments of pleasure and happiness. Your are invited to allow yourself to fall confidingly in the hands of our gentlewoman and to be pampered by them. 


Which women for which men? Clients can choose between our lovely ladies!

Maybe you have very precise ideas about the kind of women which pampers you with a delightful massage. Because you wish to enjoy the massage with all your senses. In their in public profile our ladies show their qualities with pictures and self-descriptions. It is your choice! Do you prefer a lady with delicate, thin fingers, small breasts and long hair or are you able to let yourself go when one of Rubens’s voluptuous ladies massages you with her massive hands and ample exposed bosom?

In the moment you can be pampered by Lena, Sara, Lisa, Sophia, Nicki, Jil and Leonie. Perhaps the work in real life as dental nurse, physical therapist, cosmetician or legal assistant in an office? Take the plunge of an exiting role play, that will provide mental luck and physical well-being. 

Please note: “The Karma Massage UG is only lessor of several rooms. Contact persons and contractual partners in all concerns are the acting ladies. The Karma Massage UG does not influence the pricing for all services supplied to clients. Every self-employed lady acts as independent entrepreneur. For these self-employed ladies the publication on our sites is a service we offer against payment.”