Erotic massage relaxation in a quiet amnbiance

If your are searching for erotic massages in Hanover, the erotic spa will be an ideal place for you. Our karma massage studio is located in the heart of the city Hanover, with discrete environments. In a modern and pleasant atmosphere your are offered a versatile range of full body massages for men.

Karma massage in Hanover invites you to several erotic massages in a wonderful ambiance. The most popular massage technique, the karma massage, gave its name to our wellness paradise.

Let yourself be pampered from a nuru massage with a a cooling gel that is applied on your skin and was prepared for usage in an tempered room. Or enjoy a revitalizing aroma massage as well as a hot-chocolate-massage.

The karma massage studio in the middle of Hanover offers you a special highlight: the happy double massage with two lovely ladies of your choice.

Welcome at Karma Massage

Preluding in the wellness shower

If you have any difficulty to choose between our lovely masseuses, it is possible without any problems to take two of them.

After a stimulating shower – alone or together with our lovely ladies – the massage starts  according to your wishes at your back or  the front of your body. The whole wellness package includes a Spanish massage using his entire body or if you like also enjoy the foot erotic. 

This offer foregos an active relaxation, but a deep relaxation with happy ending will probably result, because of the lovely hands, breasts, bellies and butts of our ladies that will appear very attractive.

Karma Room

Karma in Hanover – wellness with flair and charm

Discretion, seriousness and cleanliness have a very high priority in our massage studio. We want you to feel comfortable in our whole studio so that you can fully admit to your erotic experiences with all your senses.

Our clients like to enjoy our offers and the atmosphere in our studio, because we create a modern and sensual ambience. Decorative features from the Far East are combined with a modern flair and invite you to stay and relax in our studio.

A comfort factor we place great value on is the close client proximity. Therefore, all masseuses speak German and English, what allows nice flirts and talks under the shower. In general, there is always the basic principle: you can enjoy the attractions of the ladies with your eyes but not touch them.

The karma massage in Hanover provides experiences of quite a special nature – not only for men, also for women or couples. Our massages will lead to deep erotic feelings. We look forward to your visit!