eccentric massage

Soft and hard...

Eccentric massage is a special contrast between sensitivity and dominance

Components of the karma-massage will be connected with unique and individual soft and hard details for full pleasure.

A trustful masseuse will combine the sensitive eccentric massage with a steamy full body massage to bring you to your highest points of pleasure.

Your imagination and fantasies will turn into a submissive game of tension and desire. The masseuse will take you on a bizarre journey between tension and relaxation. Due to the collaboration and changes between closeness and distance during this massage, the final “salvation” will be a relief with special depths that will be memorized.

Pleasure through pain is not necessary at the eccentric massage and you can go as far as you feel comfortable. Freely spoken, everything goes, nothing is forced.

You can discuss the components and the execution of your eccentric massage in a personal talk with your masseuse at place in our massage studio in Hanover. The masseuse will talk to you about your pleasures and fantasies and you are more than welcome to bring in your own inspirations. If you wish our trained masseuses will also bring in suggestions to pleasure you the most.

eccentric massage for him in Hanover

Eccentric massage – inspirations

Orgasm control and delay (Teasing, Denial) control and loss of senses, nipple stimulation, role play, prostate massage, dirty talk, whips, candle wax and so on.

We from Karma Massage studio in Hanover can’t wait for an unforgettable encounter of a certain kind.